How Can I Save On Gas?

Everyone wants to save money on gas. But among those who do, there are varying levels of dedication. If you use a gas-powered car on a regular basis, and don’t plan to give it up, here are ten ways to regularly cut your vehicle’s energy costs. Hopefully, even the laziest among us will be inspired to give at least one of these a try:

1). 87 is okay. Really. Some high-end vehicles or diesel engines may require certain kinds of fuel. High-octane gas has a specific purpose – to help the fuel resist something called “ignition knock” that happens in high performance engines. Engine knock is when the fuel ignites in the engine’s compression chamber earlier than it needs to, causing build-up of debris in the cylinders. But again, this isn’t a problem for most engines.

2). A good way to find out whether you’re getting the best gas prices near you is to do a bit of research. And as with so many of life’s daily tasks nowadays, “there’s an app for that.” Check “Cheap Gas!” on iTunes or Each offers a listing of fuel stations closest to your current location. A word of warning: traveling more than two miles out of your way to save on gas may defeat the purpose.

3). Make sure your tires are properly inflated. Tires that have too little air in them tend to wear more quickly, adding drag to your vehicle, which affects its fuel economy.

4). Use the AC as little as possible.

5). Don’t idle. Turn off your engine. Not only is it bad for the environment, but it’s a waste.

6). Plan your trips more. When running errands, see if you can make a circle instead of double back.

7.) Carpool, especially on weekend activities. Yes, we know it might mean you’ll need a designated driver, but this is someone you’ll always want around anyway!

8). Join a club associated with a grocery store that gives you discount gas points. Or, get a credit card that offers a discount on gas after you purchase a certain amount.

9). Buy gas on a Wednesday or three days before a holiday.

10). If not a hybrid vehicle, how about a hybrid life? Commit to walking, biking or taking public transportation at least one day a week, to go easy on the environment and recharge your stressed-out driver’s self. For more gas-saving tips, see


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