What is an LEA?

Filling out forms. It’s one of life’s joys, isn’t it? Well, the next time you fill something out related to traffic school, the forms might ask for the “LEA,” the citation number, or maybe even your “LEA number.” A lot of people have no idea that LEA stands for “Law Enforcement Agency.” (It’s obvious now, right?) Your LEA number is the same as your citation number. And the LEA is the affiliated agency of the officer who wrote you up. In the Los Angeles area, this name appears on the top right of your ticket; the case number is on the top left. Some well-known LEAs: California Highway Patrol, LAPD, NYPD. You get the idea.

In other contexts, LEA could mean something entirely different. With such variety, you never know when this powerful three-letter combination could come in handy.

LEA is also:

1). A section of open grassland or meadow.

2). The Loin Eye Area, which is the part of the pig’s back muscle that makes a pork chop.

3). Locally Equivalent Alternatives (probably business or architectural jargon, but it can be where you go when your honey hates that certain restaurant and you’re meeting for dinner).

4). Laptop Encryption Administrator (the entity that locks you out after you try too many passwords).

5). Limited Exclusion Area (ironically, a high-security area with limited access. Really? It seems like “limited exclusion” should mean you only get to exclude people for a short amounts of time, or only certain people).

6). Lea Thompson, whose character Lorraine captured George McFly’s heart in Back to the Future so Marty could go on existing.

7). A selection of lesser-known ladies on the Internet in their underwear, cuddling puppies.

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